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If you're academically inclined and you want to learn a lot about business, you could learn an entire MBA worth of information just by reading.

The problem is you think you need to apply to university, enrol, watch lectures, do assignments and pay a fortune to get an MBA. But if you don't need a certificate (yet), you really don't need to do all of that. You just need to read.

What do you need to read? Some good summaries to get you started with the key concepts, some great textbooks, and all the best journal papers that illustrate the lessons and let you dive deeper for a better understanding.

Anyone who can read this page can learn the basics everything an MBA graduate learns in just a few hours per topic. And if you want to read further into the texts, a few more days will do the job.

Each of these notes bundles represents an MBA course module costing £1500-£3000 depending on where you study. So, you're getting £3000 of knowledge value for only £30.

Each of these notes bundles (except the MBA Project) represents a 10-credit course module (with 100 hours of course time) condensed into about 10,000 words.

That means you're able to get all the vital information from 100 hours of Master's level (Level 7) university level course time in a few hours of reading these notes!

My MBA from a well-respected UK university was 13 topics and a project, which means you could learn the key information of my whole MBA in no time, and immerse yourself in the textbooks and readings over the following months.

This means you can learn everything you need to feel confident in strategic discussions with top leadership figures, to take the plunge in starting your own business, or to get ahead on your study for a future MBA.

This MBA knowledge gives you a huge boost in life, no matter what purpose you have in mind.

Are These Notes For You?

  • ✅ These notes are dry, academic and serious. They are absolutely ideal if you are currently studying a similar subject and want to do deeper, or if you're planning on doing an MBA and want to get ahead on some of the core topics, or if you wish you could do an MBA but don't really have the time right now.
  • ✅ You want to know what an MBA graduate knows so you can get rid of impostor syndrome in leadership meetings.
  • ✅ You want to start a business someday and you would like a thorough business education as a foundation.
  • ✅ You're interested in the reading lists, which means you can go deeper into these texts and build your reference manager and PKM with highly recommended academic texts on the subject.
  • ✅ You want the more pertinent direct quotes from experts included in these notes so you can get them straight into your PKM for use in your essays later.
  • ❌ These notes are NOT for you if you're looking for a quick fix for your business today. I'll write something like that later, okay?

How MBA Notes Help You Pre-MBA

  • Get a clear idea of what an MBA would teach on these topics.
  • Internalise the key questions that you need to understand from the topic.
  • Get a list of highly recommended academic journal papers and textbooks to read.
  • Build your reference manager and PKM.
  • Find a few great textbooks on the subject to read thoroughly.
  • Consider a few case examples and thought exercises.
  • Go through this process thoroughly and read everything given on the topic before you embark on your own MBA.
  • Start your MBA with pertinent knowledge and texts to refer to in your essays, plus quotes, claims, evidence, questions, examples ready to use.
  • Become confident with the basics of an MBA, especially the fundamental concepts and texts, so that you're able to focus on specific readings, lectures, discussions, tutorials and essays during your study time, ensuring you get the best possible grades.
  • Learn all about how to do academic research and to write a dissertation before you get to doing your own MBA project.
  • Helps time-poor people like parents have 90% of what they need to know in an MBA internalised and already prepared ready to write essays.

What an MBA Education Does For Your Business, Career & Confidence

  • Do you want to be a great leader? An MBA education will give you the frameworks and knowledge base to think through all of your biggest problems and make ideal decisions.
  • Have you ever wanted to move into senior management? A grounding in the best business knowledge will give you confidence to discuss any issue and ditch your self-doubt. It will help you prove you're ready for those higher positions.
  • Are you big on self-development and trying to build your own personal development plan? Getting a high-level overview of the most important business topics will help you generally, but will also enable you to choose which direction to pursue further.
  • Are you planning to start a business one day? An MBA knowledge helps you to identify the best opportunities, create your ideal business, form a strategy, understand your figures, know economic effects, simplify your systems, market your products, and to build your team the right way.

How These Business Strategy Notes Will Help You

  • Learn frameworks and models to base strategic decisions on.
  • Know how strategy affects your success.
  • Understand how to formulate strategy.
  • Know what your strategic position and direction is.
  • Learn how strategy evolves.
  • Know the pitfalls of making strategic decisions with top management teams.
  • Understand different ways of looking at strategy and the relative merits of each.
  • Learn about M&A and alliances, and how to make them work.
  • Learn how organisational culture and power affect strategy and innovation.
  • Learn why business governance is important.
  • Understand the stages and types of innovation.
  • Learn how to drive innovation.
  • Understand the dillemas of innovation.

And seriously, if you're a bit of an academic and into business you'll love this.

Please note: This download is just one module of the MBA (Business Strategy), not the whole MBA.

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MBA Business Strategy Notes

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